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Vertical Integration
Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning

We identify Core +, Value Add or Opportunistic investment opportunities, then insulate against risk through comprehensive analysis, planning, and strategic thinking. Identifying impacts on multiple levels including economic and environmental factors that support feasible and sustainable outcomes.

Invesca's internal intellectual capital, coupled with its relationships with top consultants and advisers have been instrumental in forging successful collaborations, maximizing its asset portfolio value. A hands on management approach that identifies and executes repositioning initiatives, gentrification strategy (when applicable), formulating and adopting regulatory and financing strategies that enable effective implementation.



Due Diligence

We work with our acquisition professionals to identify potential opportunity then we position ourselves to unlock those opportunities. We meticulously research our development opportunities and business ventures by utilizing all of our intellectual capital, consultants and partners.

Our local knowledge translates into forward thinking projects that have been carefully designed to respond to market demand, account for changes in microeconomic trends while positioning for future growth. For many organizations, the term due diligence connotes a checklist to be completed within an investigation period. Our attitude is that the due diligence process is a continuing one that demands thorough reviews of the various components outlined.

Conceptual Program Development 

Financial feasibility and economic analysis

Environmental investigation

Budget development and administration

Engineering site assessment

Site construction feasibility

Governmental approval coordination

Value engineering

CPM Scheduling

Market analysis

Virtual design and constructability analysis 




Invesca offers a variety of investment strategies catering to a diverse group of Limited Partners (domestic and foreign) that directly benefit from our vertically integrated business model and hedged operating platform.

Markets, and in turn industries, are cyclical by nature. Invesca’s perspective is to approach every venture with that mind frame. From there we internally structure insulation to risk, as well as exit strategies that identify each ventures tolerances to inevitable market fluctuations. Discipline and calculated measures, complemented by a deep local knowledge that leverages economies of scale, efficient practices and key professionals lead to optimal performance.




Our design expertise is derived from the advantage of a vertically integrated business model and the intrinsic value of the historical data it produces. That data enables us to continually improve on processes that lead to greater efficiency and overall success.  


We seek first to understand the unique challenges and opportunities of an acquisition or venture; its financial goals, natural environment, community outlook and regulatory drivers. We then establish a detailed design program that addresses those factors. Once the conceptual design program is developed we identify contingencies and further adapt our design approach. We then value engineer the design while actively pursuing the potential for any “outside the box” innovations that could lead to a competitive market advantage. This approach allows us to create significant value for our partners and customers.

Technologically Advanced

Invesca utilizes Building Information Modeling on all new development projects. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of constructing a 3D digital model in conjunction with, or before embarking on a real-world construction project. BIM entails building the project twice; first on the computer (digitally) and then in the field. BIM has many applications in the development, design and construction industry, but its primary uses are as a means of visualization. This is a valuable tool in the world of value engineering and cost control.




A forward thinking approach to planning and executing both our real estate developments and complex commercial businesses is more significant than ever in the competitive South Florida marketplace. Multifaceted construction programs have complex challenges that require intelligent team integration and state of the art scheduling systems. Assembling the right team to manage those complex projects is crucial to their success. Our project engineers and network of affiliates have the proven ability and expertise to manage the most complex projects.




Our expertise, innovation and management foresight has culminated in more than $380 million in new asset development over the last 24 months.


Invesca’s professionals formally study many aspects of program and project management. Within our ranks are experienced and specialized Project Management Professionals, many with advanced academic credentials including multiple Ph.D.’s, and MBA’s.

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