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Nexus Shooting

Nexus Shooting is the most technologically advanced indoor shooting facility in the world. Nexus features one of the most advanced “smart” buildings in the country; specifically designed, developed, and built in-house to incubate its innovative and dynamic culture. The retail showroom is a statement of that culture, showcasing hundreds of premium firearms and thousands of accessories in a unique and revolutionary way. As a Class-3 dealer Nexus has one of the largest selection of firearms, from basic Glocks to high end collectible custom firearms.

Nexus is the first and only range in South Florida to be honored with the prestigious five star rating by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. With 40 lanes of shooting, Nexus is one of the largest shooting ranges in the nation. Equipped with state of the art technology providing a revolutionary approach to safety, education, tactical and self-defense training. 

Nexus uses both traditional paper target ranges as well as proprietary Nexus Lane video technology allowing the user to shoot a real gun and ammo at interactive video targets. This technology provides instant feedback, scoring, and analysis of each shot. The 40 lanes are subdivided into 8 separate rooms, all of which are 100% air conditioned and HEPA-filtered to ensure a cool and clean experience.

● 40 Shooting Lanes

● Ground-breaking: 2012

● Location: Davie, Florida

Nexus features one of the most advanced

“smart” buildings in the country

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