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The Strata at Plantation Townhouse Project Announced By Christopher Longsworth At Invesca Developmen

Ever since the initial approval of The Strata at Plantation project, the first two phases have sold out and we are now excited to announce that construction is in the midst of the next phase.

What’s On Offer At The Strata?

Strata at Plantation is a luxury, nature infused twist on urban living with the whole family in mind. Our 147 luxury town-homes will be housed within 21 buildings with unit sizes ranging between 1,800 to 2,200 feet. As a developer Invesca has taken various design considerations into mind with Strata at Plantation project. One of these being space, with the Strata being spread over 13 acres of land. Various amenities will be on offer at the Strata. These will ensure that various lifestyle requirements will be well catered for. Amenities will include a club house, a resort-style pool, a spa, three parks including a dog park, beach volleyball, fitness trails, a fitness center, and billiards.

We Are Proud Developers

At Invesca Development Group, Strata at Plantation is a project that comes with high standards and expectations. Christopher Longsworth, company's founder and the CEO states “As a longtime resident and business owner in the City of Plantation, Strata is a project we’re deeply excited about”. Mr. Longsworth further adds: ‘We’ve worked on all the finest details that are often overlooked to ensure we are creating a project we can be proud of.” Rest assured that as the Invesca Development Group, we have taken the finest of details into consideration with the Strata at Plantation project. With an estimated actual project cost $30 Million, this high level development will play a big role in reviving the Sunrise Boulevard area.

A Gap In Affordability

South Florida is a fast-growing region with an increased demand for housing. Added to this demand, is the sheer gap between how much people make and how much the average home costs. The reality is that most new housing developments are aimed at foreign investors and are therefore built to a price point. This results in many developments simply being unattainable for the vast majority of the local market. Our focus at Invesca is to create “outside-the-box” unique design that comes in at a competitive price point. We want our developments to fill a gap in the market which allows for the American Dream to become an attainable goal. “There is an availability gap in that price range, no doubt about it” says our CEO Chris Longsworth.

Strata offers a modern and unique design, focusing on lifestyle and sustainability, while still being affordable to the local market. Units will be priced around the mid $200,000’s, which is a very competitive price point for this segment of the market. Strata at Plantation is aimed at families with 3 different 2-3 bedroom models available. The three floor plan options include the Balin (1819 sq. ft.), the Thane (2041 sq. ft.), and Thorin (2232 sw. ft.)

When Will Strata Become Available?

Some of the Strata Units are already available with the entire project poised for completion soon. At Invesca, we aim to build communities with the whole family in mind. Strata is one of these nature loving communities. Greeted with a 30-foot Kapok tree at the entrance, and connected by a network of parks and open green spaces, you’ll constantly be surrounded by nature. Whether you love to walk, jog, or go on the occasional bike ride, Strata allows for an active high-quality lifestyle to be lived within a beautiful natural environment.

We welcome you to visit us on or contact our sales office either by phone 954-459-1119 or email


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